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Established in 2001, ConnOptix is a specialist strategic marketing consultancy for the professional and technical services sector. We help companies to prosper by strengthening the link between business strategy, professional competence, skills, capabilities and market strategy.

Beyond the deep-thinking and strategising, we are also candid and very pragmatic. Once the strategic foundation is in place, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get involved in supporting the operational delivery. By working with us, your future tactical and operational marketing activities will be built upon a solid strategic footing, allowing a range of realistic, credible and achievable marketing activities to be deployed.

Our over-riding goal is to ensure that your organisation takes a coordinated approach to the marketing of its skills, capabilities and competences, and that your business speaks to the marketplace with one clear voice.

Structured marketing

Our Market Strategy Framework makes the market strategy discussion tangible. At its heart is a formal assessment of your organisation's business strategy, developed from the perspective of the marketplace. Its rating system enables you to quickly assess how your organisation is perceived in the marketplace, identifies areas for improvement and often highlights new market opportunities.

And if you suspect that your current marketing efforts are costing you money yet failing to achieve your business goals, you need to make changes. The Market Strategy Framework has been designed to help you and your colleagues substantiate the need for change, as well as drive the day-to-day decision-making process.

The Framework is an essential component of our end-to-end Business Regeneration process. The process has been designed to support you and your organisation as you go to market, ensuring that your organisation coordinates its market planning and speaks to the marketplace with one coherent voice.

As the market for services has evolved over time, the recession of 2009 has caused buyers of services to seek ever-greater substantiation of marketing claims before executing a contract for services or service-level agreement. Our Professionalisation services help clients to close the 'marketing credibility gap' by better aligning their genuine skills, capabilities and competences with the expectations of existing and future markets.

A component of the Professionalisation process, AP2:Balanced Business Personality is a secure, online organisational survey tool which commences the process of highlighting key differences between how the brand is presented in the marketplace and the true personality of the business. More often than not, AP2 gap analysis becomes the catalyst for organisational re-vitalisation.

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